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Chairman, Happy Life World School

Chairman Mr.K.Srinivas Raju :

"Founding Chairman's Message for Prospective Parents"

Dear Prospective Parents,

We are honing, finetuning a learning & life-skilling system via CAIE curricula of the Cambridge University, U. K., Montessori method which is being introduced here at the HLWS. An investment made in this "Happy Life World School" education for your child is to pay many dividends through & through life as your kid is to be groomed, nurtured in a way that he / she is to stride into the adult world playfully, independently, confidently, responsibly, productively, spiritually.

Our focus on academic excellence is to help students get into the finest tertiary education institutions here in India & around the world by dint of our pedagogy & pastoral care, especially.
Incorruptibility induces Greatness which is equivalent to 'Happy Life', equation of what is 'Daily Tasks (Chores Performed in Rigour & Vigour / Vitality) Equal Happiness'!

Children absorb what is around them as energy,, as vibrations --- all invisible but cruces. Values when lived by us, teachers, parents & other natural role-models every time, they become a part of the kid's personality. Honesty in all acts like admitting to mistakes, paying taxes, paying fine if traffic rules broken & so on is essential. Respecting family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, domestic help, driver, cook, hospitality industry personnel or real-estate personnel is critical. Our morals, ethics ought to flow in every situation with everyone, not just when our kid is around. Let us all endeavour consciously to radiate good vibrations, serene energies --- our mind radiates non-physical energy!

Looking with élan forward to our kid's making the very best use of the high-quality education care, resources, opportunities to be offered here, in & out of the classroom, stretching himself / herself from out of the BOX like butterfly coming out of cocoon.

Srinivas Raju