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Happy Life World School encourages many activities beyond the curriculum to ensure that students acquire skills outside of the standard curriculum.


At Happy Life World School, we encourage every student to pursue a broad and balanced co-curricular program, providing them with a variety of challenges and experiences through which they can grow into confident, well-rounded individuals. While our performing arts program has many facets, the common thread is to build personal confidence through the systematic development of performance skills. These include:


Music is a required course for every student at Happy Life World School. We hold a strong conviction that musical experiences provide tremendous self-development benefits.


Dance is a vehicle of cultural expression for any human being. It is expected that all students of Happy Life World School in the primary years should have opportunities to develop a practical understanding of Classical Indian and Western dance styles. Students are expected to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of the special character of dance and various dance forms as they have evolved and developed in India and over the world. They are also trained in the appreciation of the form and function of dance.


Drama at Happy Life World School provides students with a wide range of opportunities to pursue their interest in acting, stage directing or technical stage skills. The dramatic arts are specifically used to help students overcome reticence and shyness, and to develop the ability to overcome stage fright and fear of interacting with strangers. Drama also helps students understand and analyse human gestures, character and behaviour, and explore their own selves through role-play.


The visual arts program at Happy Life World School strives to develop students’ aesthetic, creative, imaginative and critical faculties through a coherent, well-balanced, programme across grades. Students explore drawing, painting, illustration, printmaking, poster design, collage, mixed media, art history and art appreciation. Students are encouraged to explore their artistic talent through sketchbooks. They are also trained in planning, developing and self-evaluating their personal art portfolios. Completed art portfolios provide the students with a sense of accomplishment and lay the foundation for confident exploration of additional art forms. Students also learn to appreciate and analyse the works of artists and talk about art. Art and Design is also offered as a curriculum subject at IGCSE & AS A Levels.


Happy Life World School is a home to world class sports facilities like a soccer field, cricket, basketball and indoor boxing, swimming pool courts and indoor table tennis and badminton courts. All students are encouraged to participate in all sports. Children who excel or are especially interested in a particular sport or game are given extra coaching after school hours..


As part of our education philosophy, we push the horizons of our students for both the world within and the world beyond. To this effect, the school carries out a series of co-curricular or extra-curricular activities each year to engage children in a fun-learning way towards their all-round development. Activity plans are designed to ensure that each child is sufficiently exposed to every activity.

These include aerobics, yoga, dance, community service, etiquette and manners, music, debate and theatre. A specially designed activity lesson is a reserved slot in an academic day to balance and integrate play and studies.